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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 7777 Elektronika?

77 Elektronika Kft. is a major global developer, manufacturer and supplier of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, mainly urine analyzers, blood glucose meters and their consumables. A patented measurement technique, which is actually the automation of traditional manual microscopy.

What does Electronics 7 mean?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Electronics 7 is a Soviet Russian brand of seven-segment industrial digital clocks with four or eleven seven-segment luminescent digits.

How big is 77 Elektronika's sales revenue?

In 2018, the volume of sales revenues reached EUR 100 million, and our products were distributed in nearly 100 countries. Our instruments are supplied all over the world under 77 Elektronika’s own brand, as well as OEM and ODM products for leading multinational companies in the field of medical diagnostics.

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