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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best embroidery Buddy placement tools?

Embroiderer's Little Buddy Child Embroidery Buddy Placement Tool For Children's Shirts Sizes 2-7 & Youth Shirts Sizes 8-22Works Great With Targ... Creative Notion's Embroidery Placement RulerAdult Embroidery Buddy Placement ToolFor Adult Shirts Size Small-4XLWorks Great With Target Stickers! A...

Where to place embroidery on a shirt?

Embroidery Placement Chart Item Location Oxford 7"-9" down from left shoulder seam cente ... Shirt Cuff 1 3/8" from button hole ¼" above top sti ... Turtlenecks on neck cuff, centered between left shou ... Shirt Front 4" - 6" from neck, 1½" - 3" for small si ... 32 more rows ...

What is the embroiderer's helper?

Makes Design Placement Easy! The Embroiderer's Helper is an easy solution for positioning left and right chest embroidery designs on tees, sweatshi... Take the guesswork out of positioning left and right chest embroidery on Extra Large to XXXL shirts. With easy placement instructions printed on th...

What is the best commercial embroidery hooping system?

The HoopMaster is the best-selling commercial embroidery hooping system in the world. Its patented features make it the easiest, fastest, and most consistent hooping system available in the industry.

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