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Frequently Asked Questions

What is discord doing to support people with mental health issues?

We support mental health communities on Discord where people can come together, and we want these spaces to remain positive and healthy. When we receive reports of users or communities discussing or encouraging self-harm, we review such content carefully, and we take into account the context in which comments are posted.

How many discdiscord servers tagged with emotional-support tags similar to mental-health?

Discord servers tagged with emotional-support Tags similar to emotional-support mental-health (1492) introvert (75) depression (1251) vent (1030) bakery (128) safeplace (130) potato (130) safe-place (485) support (3447) lgbtq+-friendly (833)

What is emotional support Galaxy?

emotional support galaxy is a safe space (pun intended) for you to vent, feel loved and make friends with people who care about you and your well-being. ???? we're welcoming you with open arms

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