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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a C4 envelope weigh?

The weight of a standard C4 Envelope is approximately 17 grams The weight of a standard C5 Envelope is approximately 9 grams The weight of a standard 305mm x 229mm x 229mm carton is approximately 178 grams

What are the benefits of C4?

Cellucor C4 Benefits. On one study for the TeaCrine (Theacrine), it was concluded that the product helped athletes to improve concentration, energy, and focus on a lapse of 2 to 3 hours. Also, it boosted the willingness to exercise and motivation, while reducing fatigue with no side effects or health problems.

What does C4 do to the body?

C4 works in the following ways to feed your body and sustain your workouts so that you feel energetic all through. It can take you a matter of minutes from feeling all tired and lazed out to a heightened energetic feeling. As mentioned earlier the ingredient NO3 aids in the feeling of tightness and swelling that is the “pump”.

What size is C4 envelope in inches?

C4 Envelope Size measures 229mm (width) x 324mm (height) or 22.9cm x 32.4cm or 9inches x 12.8inches. C5 Envelope Size measures 162mm (width) x 229mm (height) or 16.2cm x 22.9cm or 6.4inches x 9inches. C6 Envelope Size measures 114mm (width) x 162mm (height) or 11.4cm x 16.2cm or 4.5inches x 6.4inches.

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