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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you scan wirelessly Epson?

Epson Mobile Printing and Scanning Solutions offer many ways to print or scan wirelessly anytime, anywhere to a compatible Epson printer using your smartphone, tablet or laptop with our suite of mobile solutions.

How do I scan from my Epson Printer to my computer?

Click on the "Scan" at the bottom of the scan settings to send the action to the Epson printer. The scanned document will appear in a new preview window on your computer screen once the scan is complete.

Where is my Epson scan icon?

Double-click the EPSON Scanicon on the desktop. Or, click the start button icon or Start> All Programsor Programs> EPSON> EPSON Scan> EPSON Scan.

What is Epson scan smart?

Epson ScanSmart Software makes it easy to scan, organize, email and upload important documents and files.

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