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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eSports stadium Arlington (ESA)?

Esports Stadium Arlington ( ESA) is a North American esports facility located in Arlington, Texas. The 100,000 sqft venue is the largest dedicated esports facility in North America and holds 2,500 spectators. Esports Stadium Arlington measures 100,000 square feet (9,300 m 2) of total space and has the capacity to hold 2,500 seated spectators.

What is the best esports venue in Arlington?

Esports Stadium Arlington first opened in November 2018 as an innovative venue designed for large-scale esports events. The venue has 100,000 square feet of space, a fully functional RGB stage, 90-foot LED displays, and theatrical visuals to ensure a high-quality viewing experience.

What happened to eSports stadium Arlington?

Most recently, Esports Stadium Arlington hosted the Esports Awards in November 2021, attended by esports and gaming personalities from around the world. The event drew in more than 300,000 live viewers.

What is the largest eSports stadium in the US?

arlington At 100,000 square feet, Esports Stadium Arlington is the largest dedicated esports facility in North America. The facility serves as a turnkey solution for esports events and productions, built to serve the unique needs and demands of the esports community.

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