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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ETRAC website?

The eTRAC website allows users with Internet access to conduct searches for permits or plan reviews by either address, permit type, permit number, issue date, or other search fields, and view the status of these permits.

Are credit card payments still available on ETRAC?

Credit Card payments are still available on eTRAC. There is no transaction fee to pay by credit card. The City of Savannah’s permit tracking website, eTRAC: electronic Tracking, Review and Approval Center, is a one stop location to track all development permitting activities within the City, and can be accessed at

What is a beniversal® or ETRAC® prepaid MasterCard?

The Beniversal ® Prepaid Mastercard ® and eTRAC ® Prepaid Mastercard ensure funds can be conveniently accessed at qualified mass transit and parking merchants accepting Debit Mastercard. Monthly elections for mass transit and parking are made separately and automatically roll from month to month.

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