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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Evangelion worth watching?

The best reason to watch Evangelion is also the most obvious: it's worth watching because it tells a great story. It takes the basic archetypal hook of a young boy destined to save the world while both extrapolating this premise into a complex, compelling mythology and grounding it in a realistic struggle with depression and self-worth.

What does the name Evangelion mean?

Evangelion refer to the gospel in Christianity, translated from the Greek word εὐαγγέλιον (euangélion, Latin: evangelium) meaning "Good News".

What did the end of Evangelion mean?

The End of Evangelion is a retelling of, and an expansion upon, the events in the last two episodes of the TV series . EOE clarifies the meaning of the abstract ending seen on TV, and may be intended to compliment it without changing it significantly .

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