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Frequently Asked Questions

What is existential psychotherapy?

Existential psychotherapy is a style of therapy that places emphasis on the human condition as a whole. Existential psychotherapy uses a positive approach that applauds human capacities and aspirations while simultaneously acknowledging human limitations.

What is an existential therapist?

Existential therapy process. The focus of existential therapy is on the patient’s current state of being and sense of self and choices which will shape the future. An existential therapist will not hold any other diagnosis as valid. Rather, they focus on the traits which are evident amongst all humans.

Is existential therapy viable?

Existential therapy is a valid form of psychotherapy that can provide positive benefits for people with mental health problems. Its basis is on finding meaning and purpose. Before you can determine whether existential therapy is right for you, it helps to know what it is and how it works.

What is the existential approach?

May described the existential approach to psychotherapy by stating that the task of therapy was to understand the patient fully as that patient truly exists. Such therapy would require a commitment on the part of the patients to fully understand the lives they were living, or the lives in which they were existing.

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