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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a power strip and an extension cord?

The difference is the power strip is just an extension cord with a lot of outlets. That’s all it is. A surge protector has another element inside that, in electrical terms, will “clamp” the surge.

Are extension cords safe for permanent use?

Extension cords are built for convenience but also built for temporary use. The problem with extension cords is that they are not listed, labeled, or rated for long-term use. The Uniform Fire Code states that these types of cords are intended for the temporary and immediate use of an appliance and are not to be permanently "installed".

What is an electrical power strip?

Sometimes referred to as an extension strip, power board, or lead strip, a power strip is a device that makes it possible to connect multiple electrical devices to a single power socket. The strip itself is equipped with a series of sockets that provide the means of making the connection.

What is a computer power strip?

Power strip. Power strips are often used when many electrical devices are in proximity, such as for audio, video, computer systems, appliances, power tools, and lighting. Power strips often include a circuit breaker to interrupt the electric current in case of an overload or a short circuit. Some power strips provide protection against electrical power surges.

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