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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this 3 AFTC/PZ acquisition support training?

3 AFTC/PZ Acquisition Support This training provides just an overview of Contracting basics but is not a substitute for obtaining guidance from a Contracting Officer! Unusual purchase?

What does AFTC/pzie stand for?

Michele D. Cameron Chief, Enterprise Acquisition Branch Directorate of Contracting (AFTC/PZIE) Edwards AFB, CA 661-277-8436 2 AFTC/PZ Acquisition Support

What does pzioc stand for?

Monika Masei - Chief DSN 527-7708 Construction Section (PZIOC) Tim Palen -Chief DSN 527-8216 Test Range, Specialized and Direct Delegation Contracting Division (PZZ) Ty Okuhara – Chief DSN 527-5435 Installation Contracting Division (PZI)

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