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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install a fabric API?

Download the Fabric server installer from here.Run the installer, click the "Server" tab, and select the version of Minecraft that you'd like to install Fabric for and the Fabric loader version, then click "Install".Once the installation completes, you should see a popup that reads "Server successfully installed".

How to install mods to fabric?

Open the download page and choose the game, mapping and loader versions. Click “Copy MultiMC instance url”.Start MultiMC. Click on “Add Instance” in the top-left, then select “Import from ZIP” and paste the URL in the text field.Press OK. Your Fabric instance is ready to go - feel free to add mods to it!

How to install fabric modloader?

How to Download & Install Fabric for Minecraft 1.18Minecraft version 1.18.Install. Ensure that your Minecraft launcher is closed before the installation. Once done, continue by clicking YES.Fabric Loader 1.18. You may also have to install Fabric API into the mods folder. Head to and find Fabric API.

How to install fabric 1.16.5?

5. double-click the downloaded Fabric loader 1.16.5 file 6. click the 'Install' button 7. after the installation is DONE just close its window 8. run the launcher 9. choose Fabric profile 10. log in (if required) 11. click play 12. run the game and quit after a few seconds 13. close the launcher Fabric API & Mod Menu

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