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Frequently Asked Questions

How does NLB work with Fargate launch type?

When you create a load-balanced ECS service that uses Fargate launch type, tasks register as NLB targets using their IP address. However, unlike using IP targets for TCP traffic, for UDP traffic NLB will preserve the source IP address. In other words, with Fargate, you don’t need to parse headers to get the source IP address.

Is there NLB support for Amazon EKS on Fargate?

NLB support for Amazon EKS on Fargate is coming soon, you can track its progress in issue #617. Although the process of creating an NLB for UDP-based Fargate services is exactly the same as for TCP-based applications, below are some factors to consider:

How do I configure Fargate to work with network load balancer?

You’ll start by creating a security group that you will use for Fargate tasks. Add a rule to allow syslog traffic from the CIDR the VPC and another to allow HTTP traffic, which allows the Network Load Balancer to perform health checks.

What is nlbnlb IP mode?

NLB IP mode¶ AWS Load Balancer Controller supports Network Load Balancer (NLB) with IP targets for pods running on Amazon EC2 instances and AWS Fargate through Kubernetes service of type LoadBalancerwith proper annotation.

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