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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Yu Fei?

Yue Fei (March 24, 1103 – January 28, 1142), courtesy name Pengju, was a Chinese military general, calligrapher, and poet who lived during the Southern Song dynasty.

Is this the most accurate portrait of Yue Fei?

Shen Lixin, an official with the Yue Fei Temple Administration, holds the portrait of Yue Fei from the "Four Generals of Zhongxing" to be the most accurate likeness of the general in existence.

What happened to Yue Fei after 1141?

Yet in the same year Qin [Hui] ordered Yue Fei to abandon his campaign, and in 1141 Yue Fei was summoned back to the Southern Song capital. It is believed that the emperor then ordered Yue Fei to be hanged."

What is the name of the ship named after Yueh Fei?

The ROCS Yueh Fei (FFG-1106), a Cheng Kung -class guided-missile frigate of the Republic of China Navy, is named after Yue. The author Guy Gavriel Kay cites Yue Fei as having inspired the character Ren Daiyan in his novel River of Stars ( ISBN 978-0-670-06840-1 ), which is set in a fantasy world based on Song Dynasty China.

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