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Frequently Asked Questions

What is La Calanque de figuerolles?

La Calanque de Figuerolles. The hotel restaurant is located five minutes from the historical harbour of La Ciotat, deeply nestled in an incredibly beautiful creek with its own beach, within a national park, “Site de France”: the Figuerolles Creek / La Calanque de Figuerolles. The establishment was founded in 1956 by the current owner’s Russian...

Who are the Friends of figuerolles?

The “Les Amis de Figuerolles” (The Friends of Figuerolles) charity take care of the maintenance, the protection and beautifying the creek; as well as voluntarily keeping two of our rooms at their historical price in order to enable access for everyone. The hotel and restaurant welcome you everyday for lunch and diner.

What does “République indépendante de figuerolles” mean?

This “République Indépendante de Figuerolles” (Independent Republic of Figuerolles), a humoristic allusion to a unique landscape which looks like the far end of the world, is also the idea of living in a privileged environment.

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