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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the filament used for in the light bulb?

The filament in a light bulb is housed in a sealed, oxygen-free chamber to prevent combustion. In the first light bulbs, all the air was sucked out of the bulb to create a near vacuum-- an area with no matter in it. Since there wasn't any gaseous matter present (or hardly any), the material could not combust.

Which elements are used to make a filament?

tungsten has a very high melting point, therefore, it is used as a filament in the electric bulb. Explanation: tungsten is use as bulb filament due to following reasons, having high melting point. Why Nichrome is not used in bulb? Melting point of the metal is lower than what the wire would heat up to in an evacuated globe.

What is the filament inside the bulb made up of?

The filament is the part of the light bulb that produces light. Filaments in incandescent light bulbs are made of tungsten. Whenever an electric current goes through the filament, the filament glows.

What is the meaning of filament?

fil•a•ment. (ˈfɪl ə mənt) n. 1. a very fine thread or threadlike structure; a fiber or fibril: filaments of gold. 2. the stalklike portion of a stamen, supporting the anther. 3. (in an incandescent lamp) the threadlike conductor, often of tungsten, that is heated to incandescence by the passage of current.

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