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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest firework show in America?

Kaboom Town in Addison, Texas, is the largest fireworks display in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With more than 1,500 pounds of fireworks, this Texas-sized party-complete with live entertainment, air shows, family-fun and more-has been recognized by the American Pyrotechnics Association as one of the top 10 fireworks displays in the country.

Where are fireworks in Ocean City NJ?

Fireworks on the Fourth of July in Ocean City, NJ are fired from a barge anchored off the Ocean City Music Pier near Ninth Street. They go off at 10 p.m July 4, 2015.

Where are fireworks in Georgia?

Phantom of Morrow: Phantom Fireworks is proud to provide fireworks to the Atlanta, Georgia region with a Phantom Showroom located at 1493 Southlake Parkway Morrow, Georgia, Phantom is the largest provider of fireworks in Georgia.

Where are the fireworks in Ocean City?

Fireworks are set off at Division Street in Downtown Ocean City, and also at Northside Park around 124th street in North Ocean City. Anywhere on the beach from 1st street to around 9th street will give a good view of the Fireworks.

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