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Frequently Asked Questions

What is First Merchants Bank?

First Merchants Bank is as mobile as you are! Do your banking, pay bills, pay people and even more as a First Merchants mobile banking customer. Checkout.

How many branches does first merchants have in Indiana?

First Merchants Bank operates with 95 branches in 66 different cities and towns in the state of Indiana. The bank also has 37 more offices in three states. Locations with First Merchants Bank offices are shown on the map below.

Why choose Merchants Bank of Indiana?

Home - Merchants Bank of Indiana Merchants Capital is one of the nation’s top lenders for the refinance, acquisition, new construction and substantial rehabilitation of multifamily, affordable, senior and student housing.

How do I sign up for first merchant online banking?

Visit and select “Enroll Now” under “Sign in to Online Services” at the top left of the page. Select the type of account you wish to add to online banking and agree to the terms. Click “Continue” and enter your account information.

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