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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fixme it software?

FixMe.IT Software. FixMe.IT is remote support software that enables users to connect to any remote computer. It caters to users from sole proprietors to global corporations across multiple sectors and industries.

How can fixme help you?

Save time and effort by instantly connecting to any remote desktop in just three simple steps. Connect to computers located anywhere, easily transfer files and switch between multiple sessions in a single click. With FixMe.IT, remote access is easier than ever before! Deliver live remote support when it's most needed.

How much does fixme it cost?

FixMe.IT is a fast and easy-to-use remote support application built for delivering on-demand and unattended technical assistance to clients located anywhere in the world. Starting at just $25 per month per seat, FixMe.IT allows you to provide unlimited on-demand support and manage up to 150 unattended machines.

Is fixfixme the best software to establish remote connections?

FixMe.IT has changed our opinion and has shown us it is an ideal software to establish remote connections. I recommend it, regardless of the plan you are evaluating to acquire. It is an easy to use software, is economical and has excellent features. Review collected by and hosted on

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