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Frequently Asked Questions

What can fluent do for You?

Build your own first-party data assets, enhance your omnichannel strategy, and reach high-value audiences across platforms and devices. Drive more conversions by engaging with customers who have a verified interest in your products & services with Fluent’s digital & call solutions

What is the fluent app?

This easy to use app allows you to not only monitor your home, but control temperature, lighting and appliances as well. This is your simple and secure solution for the whole house. The Fluent app is available on Android and iOS devices.

What is fluent doing with Scentbird?

“Fluent has become our largest acquisition partner to date, helping us to generate 25% of all sales in 2019. Fluent provides full visibility into campaign performance, enabling us to optimize our offers and acquire new customers with a self-declared interest in the Scentbird service.”

What are the three characteristics of fluent code?

In summary, fluent code typically involves three properties: chained methods; a context; and common knowledge of the business domain.

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