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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free punctuation checker?

Grammar Check works hard to identify and correct all kinds of punctuation errors, all for free online. Save your brainpower for articulating your ideas, and leave the punctuation checking and correcting to us. We care that your workflow is streamlined. That’s why we rolled 3 tools into 1 with our cutting-edge grammar checker!

How many languages does fluently support?

Multilingual grammar. Fluently has integrated the LanguageTool grammar, style, and spell checker (available in 42 languages). It performs thousands of checks simultaneously to perfect your text style and helps you prevent embarrassing mistakes. See which languages we support.

Can I use fluently on multiple devices?

With Fluently, you can start working on your laptop, make edits on your tablet, and add the final touches on your phone. It is a web application, so you can use it on all your devices and your documents are synced across all screens.

How does sentencechecker work?

The algorithm will detect syntactic, grammatical, and stylistic errors, suggest replacement options, and explain its decision in detail. On you can check the text of any complexity, because our databases contain a large number of rules. We have made sure that working with the text is convenient and fast for you.

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