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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fotolia and Adobe Creative Cloud?

Fotolia, a leading marketplace for royalty-free images, graphics, and HD videos, is joining Adobe. We’re excited to bring more than 35 million stock images and videos to Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s all about simplifying and streamlining the creative process so you can do your best work ever.

Can I still use Fotolia with Adobe Stock?

See terms. Fotolia closed on November 5, 2019, but you can still sync your Fotolia account with Adobe Stock. If you’re a former Fotolia contributor, you can access your account data on Adobe Stock by syncing your Fotolia account when you sign in to the Adobe Stock Contributor portal for the first time.

What happened to Fotolia?

The Fotolia website is closing on November 5, 2019. After being acquired by Adobe, we are consolidating both Fotolia and Adobe Stock sites to focus development efforts on the Adobe Stock service that is a more streamlined service as well as deeper integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Is Fotolia a microstock agency?

As we said above, Fotolia is a microstock agency (read our Fotolia review here). They have a large library of stock photos (and vector illustrations, and video), built mostly on the base of contributors who submit their content to be licensed by the agency.

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