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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put fractions on a calculator?

Use the arrow keys to navigate and Enter to select new settings:Select n/d if you want your results to be shown as an improper fraction when possible.Select Un/d if you'd rather see your results as a mixed number (again, when possible).In the next option down, highlight and select Dec if you'd like your results to default into decimal form, Frac if you'd like them to default into fraction form and ...

What is 3/5 equal to in fractions?

The fractions equivalent to 3/5 are all those fractions of the form p / q, where"p"and"q"are integers with q ≠ 0, such that p ≠ 3 and q ≠ 5, but that both"p"and"p" q"can be simplified and get at the end 3/5. For example, the 6/10 fraction complies with 6 ≠ 3 and 10 ≠ 5.

What is 9/12 simplified?

The simplest form of 9/12 is 3/4 where, 9/12 is the given fraction to be simplified, 3/4 is the lowest term of 9/12.

How do you solve fractions with exponents?

Fractional exponents. How to solve fractional exponents. Simplifying fractional exponents; Simplifying fractions with exponents; ... Adding fractional exponents is done by raising each exponent first and then adding: a n/m + b k/j. Example: 3 3/2 + 2 5/2 = √(3 3) + √ ...

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