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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good free stained glass patterns?

Just a few places to look for more patterns for stained glass projects include: DelphiGlass - Over 100 free patterns are available to download at Delphi Glass. Choose from holiday-themed projects like pumpkins and bunnies to traditional flowers and even jewelry patterns.

How do you download a free stained glass pattern?

Click on the inspiration kit and click "HERE" to get the free download pattern. Stained Glass Express has a variety of free glass patterns available for download. Many of the patterns are our original designs!

How do you make a stained glass pattern?

To make it bold and steady, just double layered each wing. When it comes to stained-glass art, it needs to look constructed from small things to be art. Therefore, you have to create the pattern using the ruler and make it bold with a black marker. After done with the template, it’s time for your kids to create the tissue paper cutouts.

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