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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Freeman funeral services located in Alexandria PA?

Affordable Pricing. Serving our Veterans and Community. Freeman Funeral Services located at 7201 Old Alexandria Ferry Rd., Suite 4C and our Celebration Chapel Suite 1A now stream live services on our Face Book Page Freeman Funeral Services PA RONALD M. LEWIS SR.

Why choose Freeman funeral services?

At Freeman Funeral Services, we take great care to guide our families through all aspects of the funeral planning process. We pride ourselves on taking care of everything, so that our families and their guests can focus on paying their respects and honoring the memory of their loved one.

Who is the licensed director of King funeral home in Maryland?

Good Job Freeman Funeral Gentlemen Of Md and Ms. Johnson (Licensed Director) Of King Funeral Home! I now have closure as the my love one has left one us with a dignified welcoming home service.

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