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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Frontier Airlines so cheap?

So it would appear that Frontier really isn’t cheap at all. Because the owners believe they can lower fares by outsourcing all the vital employees that offer great customer service, on time performance and an overall delightful travel experience with people whose loyalties are not for that company.

Does Frontier Airlines offer 1st class seats?

Frontier doesn't offer a first-class section, but the first four rows of the plane have something the airline calls "stretch seating," with an extra five inches of legroom. Cost is about $20 per flight, more or less, depending on flight duration.

What is Frontier Airlines personal item?

Special Items. In special circumstances, Frontier Airlines allows passengers to take an additional special item with them, on top of their carry-on luggage and personal item. The list of approved special items includes items related to health, such as an oxygen tank, canes, a walker, crutches or other such devices.

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