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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of simple future tense?

In grammar, a future tense (abbreviated FUT) is a verb form that generally marks the event described by the verb as not having happened yet, but expected to happen in the future. An example of a future tense form is the French aimera, meaning "will love", derived from the verb aimer ("love").

Does the English language have a future tense?

"English has no future tense, because it has no future tense inflections, in the way that many other languages do, nor any other grammatical form or combination of forms that can exclusively be called a future tense." (Bas Aarts, Oxford Modern English Grammar.

What does relative future tense mean?

relative future tense (Noun) A special form of future tense used in Celtic languages after certain conjunctions and pronouns, eg Scottish Gaelic cuin (when), ma (if) or dè (what). How to pronounce relative future tense?

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