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Frequently Asked Questions

What tests do gastroenterologists do?

Gastroenterologists often use endoscopies to examine internal organs. A gastroenterologist will be able to treat common ailments like irritable bowel syndrome. A CT scan with barium sulfate, known as a barium swallow, is a common test given by gastroenterologists.

What is a GI clinic?

Pioneer GI Clinic is a sub-specialty clinic with expertise in digestive and liver disease management. We are located in Building E (formerly Alaska Medical Plaza) on the Alaska Regional Hospital Campus. Most patients require a referral from a health care provider and are seen by appointment only.

What is the abbreviation for Gastroenterology?

What is the abbreviation for Gastroenterology? Gastroenterology is abbreviated as GE (also Gas , Gastroenterol , G.E. , G.I. or Gastroe )

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