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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GCSS-Army training and certification system?

The GCSS-Army Training and Certification system (GTRAC) is the source for the most current GCSS-Army online training. It is very important that students begin by taking the Common Core courses followed by the Business Area Specific courses which pertain to their business area.

What is the GCSS-Army WBT?

The GCSS-Army WBT is a pre-requisite for the New Equipment Training (NET) taught in the classroom just prior to going live. The GCSS-Army WBT should be completed 1-2 weeks before NET training begins. Students are required to produce Certificates of Completion and must take the required courses within GTRAC.

Where can I learn GCSS Army SAP?

Cisco Coppage LLC offers a unique opportunity for personnel to learn how to use the Global Combat Support System in the SAP software with ease. Our mission is to provide you with an opportunity to learn GCSS Army with confidence at your convenience from certified experts. Check out our website:

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