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Frequently Asked Questions

What genres do YouTubers specialize in?

Within the cooking genre, many YouTubers specialize in one specific cuisine or type of food. Rosanna Pansino, a creator with 9 million subscribers, shares a new baking video with her audience weekly. Other creators focus on easy to prepare meals, extravagant meals, or healthy meals exclusively.

What is a lifestyle youtuber?

These creators disclose information from their personal lives, discuss current events, and share their interests with viewers. Lifestyle YouTubers tend to be highly immersed in the YouTube community. They regularly collaborate with other YouTubers and also publish challenge videos and vlogs.

What video format do gaming YouTubers use?

The video format most commonly produced by gaming YouTubers is the let’s play video. This is when a YouTuber records their screen while playing a video game and provides additional commentary. Felix Kjellberg of PewDiePie is the most followed gamer and YouTuber of all time, with 57 million subscribers to date.

How many types of YouTubers are there?

YouTubers tend to create content focused on specific niches, and therefore the population can be organized by category. There’s something for everyone on the platform, and viewers can select from a wide variety of types of YouTubers to find creators they love. Here we’ve defined the top 20 types of YouTubers steering the future of the platform.

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