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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gift affidavit form?

In a Gift Affidavit form, the person giving the gift (known as the “donor”) swears that an item is being gifted to the recipient (known as the “donee”) and that no payment is expected in return. Gift Affidavits are most commonly used when giving someone an expensive item as a gift, such as a car, and legal proof is required to transfer ownership.

How many types of Affidavits are there in dor-768?

General Affidavit Form (DOR-768) This document combines six common affidavits in one form. Following are the six different affidavit types. Note that some require notarization of the applicant's signature.

What is the designation of a gift for tax purposes?

Depending on the item given, the designation of a gift may also be relevant at a state or federal level for taxation, registration, and other purposes. Common terms used in a gift affidavit include: Gift Giver: the person who owns the item or cash, and then gives it to another person.

When do you need a gift affidavit for a car?

Gift affidavits also serve as proof that the gift was not a loan, and therefore the giver cannot demand its return, any payments, or other compensation. Many states require a gift affidavit when a car is being transferred from one person to another for no payment, or for an amount significantly less than the value of the car.

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