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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do giraffe have such a long neck?

Because the giraffe needs to be tall and have a long neck in order to move quickly, spot danger approaching, and find the tender leaves it needs to feed on, their DNA and genomes have adapted to make this a part of their molecular blueprint.

What are the needs of a giraffe?

Giraffes seem to thrive in areas where the climate is very hot. They also enjoy wide open spaces that allow them to see around for predator from a great distance. While giraffes graze around for food, they can quickly flee if they need to, so their habitat needs to be one that allows them to move around freely.

Why are giraffes vulnerable species?

Of course, humans and the growing pressure of our population accounts for many of the reasons why giraffes are a vulnerable species. A June 2015 study on giraffes in the Serengeti found that diet took a hit after invasive species of trees of unpalatable nature grew in place of the staple acacia trees of the area.

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