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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do in a weight gain story?

Force feeding, pregnancy, and slob stuff are fine. Remember, this is a weight gain story. As long as weight gain is included you can do whatever. No inflation though, not technically weight gain. Enjoy! Also, all these characters attend the same school, so the can interact with each other and more than one can gain weight in story.

Is the candy store a cheerleader weight gain story?

Read part 1 before this - The Candy Store 1 (Cheerleader Weight Gain Story) This story contains weight gain and belly stuffing. Enjoy! Another week flew by for Sydney and Gloria.

How much did Jennifer Aniston weigh for 19 years?

This was surprisingly hard for the young brunette, as she was always tempted by the allure of all kinds of fattening food. For 19 years, she managed to maintain a somewhat curvy weight of 125 pounds for her 5'6 height. She was happy with her body, but did get jealous of her sister's perfect body.

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