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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did GameStop stock rise?

The answer can be found on the social media platform Reddit. The Reddit forum WallStreetBets was integral to the rise of GameStop stock. Though the group has been around for some time, it became more popular as the pandemic dragged on. People who were out of work, out of school, and under stay-at-home orders started dabbling in the stock market.

What happened with GameStop stock?

Before its recent explosion, GameStop’s stock had been struggling for a long time. The company has been losing money for years as sales of video games increasingly go online, and its stock fell for six straight years before rebounding in 2020. That pushed many professional investors to make bets that GameStop’s stock will decline even further.

Can GME reach 1000?

As retail traders drove GameStop ($GME) to stratospheric heights on January 26 and 27 2021, chatter on ticker-centric sites spiked in volume; several social stock platforms displayed a purported tweet attributed to entrepreneur Elon Musk referencing $GME reaching $1000 per share:

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