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Frequently Asked Questions

Are sickle bar mowers still in use?

Join our mailing list! Once a very common thing to find on the farm, sickle bar mowers are still in use today, just not as much as rotary cutters due to their single cut approach which leaves the clippings in their full length on the ground.

What is the serial number of a mf41 sickle bar mower?

Massey Ferguson MF41 Sickle Bar Mower Stock# 8587 Massey Ferguson MF41 sickle bar mower with a 7' cut, 540 PTO, 3 point hitch, and the complete PTO shaft. Serial number 238064862.Express Financing Ge... See all seller comments This New Holland 451 (7'cut) is ready to work.

What is a precision cutting sickle mower?

I & J Precision Cutting Sickle Mowers are durable enough to operate for many years under the toughest conditions. Mowing is smooth and efficient. Unique German ESM “Busatis bidux” double sickle cutters result in virtually no plugging. Heat treated blades hold their edge longer and produce a cleaner cut.

How big is a David Bradley front mount sickle mower?

David Bradley Front Mount Sickle Mower, Front Mount Hitch For A David Bradley Walk Behind Tractor, Belt Drive, 34" Width, SN: 917 5753 Massey Ferguson Sickle Mower, 6’ Sickle, 3-Pt, 540PTO, NOTE: Is Broke And Needs Repaired (See Photos), Operational Condition Of This Item Has Not Been Verified And Is Not Disputable By The Buyer. Potential Buyers...

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