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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Education does Chipotle pay for?

High school diplomas, college degrees, and professional certificates. Chipotle will pay 100% of your tuition for select degrees and up to $5,250 for others. High school diplomas, college degrees, and professional certificates.

Why go to school with Guild?

Make the most of your company's education benefits by going to school through Guild. From day one to graduation day, chart your path with your education coach who will help you find the right program to fit your life. Employees enrolled in programs through Guild are 2x as likely to be promoted as their peers.

How did Guild education's valuation increase to $3 billion?

O ne month after the company announced it had opened a million-dollar daycare for employees, Guild Education has announced another milestone. Today the edtech company confirmed it closed a $150 million Series E at a $3.75 billion valuation, a significant increase since its last funding round that valued the company at $1 billion in November 2019.

What is the go back to School Benefit at graduateguild education?

Guild Education Skip to content Go back to school debt-free. For real. Receive 100% tuition coverage for select programs (like our new debt-free degrees in agricultural science, hospitality & supply chain), and up to $5,250 for others. Get started today Your education benefit

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