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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hookah Expo Worldwide?

A: Hookah Expo Worldwide is the premier hookah event held in Las Vegas. This 2 day even will allow attendees will be able to meet and smoke with the biggest brands and names in the hookah industry. Q: I purchased tickets for 2020's cancelled show.

How long has the hookah shop been serving the hookah community?

serving you for over 15 years. EST. 2002, is one of the first Hookah Retailers in the United States. We have been serving the hookah community for over 15 years by providing a wide variety of hookahs, shisha and hookah accessories to all hookah smokers alike.

What kind of music is hookah?

From folk to psychedelic rock, bluegrass to blues, extended jams to concise rock-n-roll, ultimately it ends up being distinctly 'hookah'. With well over 100 original songs, and a large catalogue of cover songs to choose from, you will never hear the same show twice.

What percentage of smokers use hookah?

These studies show past-year use ranging from 22% to 40%. 6 New forms of electronic hookah products, including steam stones and hookah pens, have been introduced. Using a hookah to smoke tobacco poses serious health risks to smokers and others exposed to the smoke from the hookah.

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