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Frequently Asked Questions

Does hookit pay for itself?

“Hookit has more than paid for itself, providing several key insights that have helped inform our Global Sports Marketing strategy.” Each Month, We Rank The Top 50 Athletes, Teams, And Leagues On Social Media. Compare Your Brand Ambassadors Or Favorites To Their Rivals And Check Back Often To See How They’re Trending.

How is hookit revolutionizing the sponsorship industry?

Hookit Is Revolutionizing How Brands Maximize Sponsorship Value. “We are using the Hookit data to make smarter decisions about who to sponsor, what content to push, and when to push it in order to maximize the ROI of our sponsorship investments.”.

What is the hookit™ hook-and-loop feature?

The Hookit™ hook-and-loop feature makes disc attachment, removal, and re-attachment clean and easy, and facilitates use and re-use of the disc for the extent of the abrasive life. Hookit™ disc pads have J-shaped hooks of the type most commonly used in everyday hook-and-loop applications.

What is a hookit film disc?

Hookit™ attachment makes it easy to change and reuse discs. For auto body sanding applications requiring precision or fine finishes, our 3M™ Hookit™ Film Disc 260L provides a range from P600 to P1500 grades. These film-backed abrasive discs are available in 3-, 5- or 6-inch diameter sizes.

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