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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HTML colspan?

HTML Colspan | How to Implement HTML Colspan with Examples? HTML Colspan is the attribute used in the table for diving columns into the cell. It allows users to divide single table cells into the width of one or more either cell or column. This attribute of HTML works as a merge cell option included in the spreadsheet, same as excel.

What is colspan table attribute?

colspan table attribute used in both table elements like <th> and <td.>. The value we are going to define within the colspan attribute must be a positive integer number always. It was going to support attributes like textarea as well as frameset elements. Above syntax status that <td> tag used to define no of the column going to span.

What do table headers and cells have the colspan and rowspan attributes?

Fortunately, table headers and cells have the colspan and rowspan attributes, which allow us to do just those things. Both accept a unitless number value, which equals the number of rows or columns you want spanned. For example, colspan="2" makes a cell span two columns.

What is the difference between colspan and rowspan?

Colspan and Rowspan A table is divided into rows and each row is divided into cells. In some situations we need the Table Cells span across (or merged) more than one column or row. In these situations we can use Colspan or Rowspan attributes. Colspan The colspan attribute defines the number of columns a cell should span (or merge) horizontally.

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