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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average gas mileage of the Hummer H1?

What Is the average gas mileage for a hummer? The average gas mileage of a Hummer depends on the model, year, engine type, terrain, and driving habits. The H1 gets around 10 mpg, the H2 a low 10-12 mpg while the H3 can deliver up to 14 mpg on average. There is no big difference between gas and diesel H1s regarding gas mileage.

What is the top speed of a Hummer H1?

The H1, built by Kreisel Electric, has dual motors, a top speed of 75 mph, and a 186-mile range. Today, Schwarzenegger and Kreisel Electric unveiled an all-electric Hummer H1 soft-top prototype, equipped with electric motors on each axle, 100 kWh worth of batteries, a 75-mph top speed, a 186-mile range, and a ludicrous 7275-lb curb weight.

What is the difference between a Hummer H2 and H3?

The Hummer H2 is roomier inside than the H3, with 40.5 inches of headroom, 66.4 inches shoulder room and 63.8 inches hip room. The H3 has about the same headroom, but about 10 inches less shoulder and hip room.

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