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Frequently Asked Questions

What medications can cause hypokalemia?

Increased excretion (or loss) of potassium from your body. Some medications may cause potassium loss which can lead to hypokalemia. Common medications include loop diuretics (such as Furosemide). Other drugs include steroids, licorice, sometimes aspirin, and certain antibiotics.

How do you treat hypokalemia?

In mild cases, treatment for hypokalemia usually involves taking potassium supplements by mouth. For those who suffer from hypokalemia because they need to take diuretic medication, a certain type of oral potassium supplement that keeps potassium in the body might be the best treatment option.

How to correct hyperkalemia?

Treatment for Hyperkalemia. Treatment may include: Going on a low potassium diet. Stopping or changing meds that are contributing to the hyperkalemia. Taking medicine to lower the potassium in your body. Water pills (diuretics) remove potassium via the urinary tract.

What is the treatment for hypokalemia?

Hypokalemia is treatable. Treatment usually involves treating the underlying condition. Most people learn to control their potassium levels through diet or supplements. Make an appointment with the doctor if you’re showing symptoms of hypokalemia.

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