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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of preceding 12 months?

Preceding 12 months .. means THE PREVIOUS 12 MONTHS “ TAKEN AS A WHOLE". All 12 months or the whole YEAR is considered as ONE UNIT. Ie only 1 evaluation or performance. preceding 4 quarters. Here the whole year is divided into 4 parts, that is a lump of 3 months duration is considered for evaluation or performance.

What does 12 months immediately preceding the date of expected delivery?

"The 12 months immediately preceding the date of her expected delivery" mentioned in the section indicates the maximum stretch of her employment in the establishment within which the qualifying period of service has to be reckoned by taking into consideration of the interruptions mentioned in the explanation to the section as non-interruptions.

What does 1212-month rolling period mean?

12-month rolling period means a period that is determined monthly and consists of the previous 12 consecutive calendar months.

How is the 12-month period established?

The employer may use any of the following methods to establish the 12-month period: (1) the calendar year – 12-month period that runs from January 1 through December 31;

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