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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word preceding?

pre·ced·ing. adj. 1. Existing or coming before another or others: in preceding years; on a preceding page. 2. Existing or coming immediately before another or others: the preceding year; the preceding page.

What does the immediately preceding letter mean?

It means the one that comes just before. For example, if we were talking about the letter K and then referred to "the immediately preceding letter" we would mean the letter J, which comes just before K in the alphabet. Home

What does two years immediately prior to the date mean?

“TWO YEARS IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING THE DATE”. means: measuring BEFORE the specified date; the time of two years. “immediately” gives the definition of =DIRECTLY BEFORE. “two years” =is the measurement of time before the specified time marker, or date.

What does 12 months immediately preceding the date of expected delivery?

"The 12 months immediately preceding the date of her expected delivery" mentioned in the section indicates the maximum stretch of her employment in the establishment within which the qualifying period of service has to be reckoned by taking into consideration of the interruptions mentioned in the explanation to the section as non-interruptions.

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