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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download IMVU on a computer?

Downloading IMVU for Windows Head to the download site. On a the address bar of a new tab of your browser, head to the download site by entering this address: Download the installer. Click on “Download IMVU with Search Protect” for Windows. Install IMVU.

How do you contact IMVU?

Scroll to the bottom of the main homepage and select "Contact Us.". Select "Billing Support", "Customer Support" or "Creator Support" to contact and email the proper department you need to contact from IMVU. Log in using your IMVU username and password. Select "Sign Up" to create an IMVU account for free if you are not currently registered.

Is it safe to have IMVU on my computer?

IMVU is a social game, much like Second Life. It has been said that it can seriously harm computer function, but it is not inherently. something bad like a virus. I would recommend the later to the former, but that's just personal taste.

What does IMVU do to your computer?

Since "IMVU" is freeware, it makes money by allowing advertisers to place ads within the game. Hackers are often able to put viruses in online ads, especially ads with animation. The better your individual virus protection, the better your chances of blocking potential viruses before they attack your computer.

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