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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inboxdollars?

InboxDollars is a free, online loyalty rewards program where members get free Target gift cards for completing online activities like couponing or answering surveys. When you complete one of these reward activities, our partnered brands pay us, and we share a portion of those earnings with you.

How much can you earn on inboxdollars towards Target gift cards?

How much you earn on InboxDollars towards Target gift cards will depend on the number, and the type, of activities you complete. Most surveys pay $0.50 to $5.00 while the different offers can range from $0.25 to $20.00 or even more. Target honors all gift cards that you get on InboxDollars, but Target is not a sponsor of this offer.

How do I sign up for inboxdollars?

First you need to create an InboxDollars account. To join InboxDollars, you must be at least 18 years old and a valid email address to confirm your application. After you join and complete your first activity, InboxDollars will give you your first $5 cash as a sign-up bonus! Once your rewards balance reaches $30 you can request to cash out.

What is inboxdollars Gold Membership?

InboxDollars Members: InboxDollars offer a Gold member level where your payments (Prepaid Visa, Inboxdollars eCards, or Check) will be processed 3-9 days after your request rather than 16 days for non-Gold Members. Your first payment will automatically put you in Gold Membership. Pay attention to perks and other tips on social media.

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