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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are inclusive classrooms important?

Research shows that the benefits of inclusive classrooms reach beyond academics. This is particularly important for young children, who learn best when they feel safe, secure, and at home in their classrooms. An environment that encourages young children's social and emotional development will stimulate all aspects of their learning.

What is an inclusion class?

Class inclusion. Class inclusion is a primary structural principle in taxonomies and prototype categories. It implies that superordinate and abstract entities include subordinate and specific entities. Thus the superordinate entities serve as classess, or for the subordinate ones.

Can you teach diversity and inclusion?

So, yes. Learning leaders can teach diversity and inclusion, but it’s not easy. It requires an integrated talent management mindset with firm leadership commitment to ensure behavioral change and to reap organizational value. That value comes not when a diversity or inclusion-themed course is completed,...

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