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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word infectious mean?

infectious(Adjective) Transmitted from one person to another, usually through the air breathed. infectious(Adjective) Able to infect others. Despite feeling better, the patient is still infectious. infectious(Adjective) Spreading quickly from one person to another. Her enthusiasm for work can be really infectious.

What are the top ten infectious diseases?

Infectious Diseases Dominate WHO's List of 2019 Health Threats 1. Global Influenza Pandemic 2. Antimicrobial Resistance 3. Ebola and high-threat pathogens, including disease X 4. Vaccine hesitancy 5. Dengue 6. HIV

What is the difference between infectious and contagious?

Strictly, a contagious disease is one transmitted by physical contact, whereas an infectious one is transmitted via microorganisms in the air or water. In practice, there is little or no difference in meaning between contagious and infectious when applied to disease or its spread.

What is the definition of infectious?

Use infectious in a sentence. adjective. The definition of infectious is something that is likely to spread in a rapid manner, such as a contagious disease that spreads easily from person to person.

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