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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DA Form 4856?

DA Form 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form) provides a useful framework to prepare for counseling. It helps organize the relevant issues to discuss during counseling sessions. 1-5. Event-oriented counseling involves a specific event or situation.

What is a counseling form?

While this form is completed by a counselor to document the progress of the sessions, it is not information that is ever made available to the public. this document includes information such as the personal information of the soldier, the reason counseling occurred, discussion points, and a plan for the soldier. What is a Da form 4856?

What is the Army counseling process?

Effective Army leaders use a four-stage counseling process: 1 Identify the need for counseling. 2 Prepare for counseling. 3 Conduct the counseling session. 4 Follow-up.

What are the reasons to counsel soldiers?

There are different reasons to counsel Soldiers, such as promotion, performance, and event-oriented issues. The counseling is captured on the Department of Army (DA) Form 4856. The Soldier can add comments on the second page of DA Form 4856.

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