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Frequently Asked Questions

Does tableau desktop have a virtual desktop option?

Tableau Desktop 10.5 and Prep Builder 2018.2.1 and higher now have an option for a virtual Desktop . Prior to Tableau Desktop 10.5, Citrix Servers could install Tableau Desktop and activate a key on each server in the farm.

What do I need to install tableau desktop?

To install Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder you will need two things; a Creator product key (the key number starts with the letters TC) and the installer for the version you want to install. Note: A product key is not required if your organization uses Login-based license management for product activation.

Can I install tableau desktop on a Citrix server?

In Tableau Desktop 10.5 and higher, the Citrix Servers should have an installation of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder with the Authority to Run (ATR ) option set ( Virtual Desktop Support) but no key activated. Each user will be entering a key and registering the product.

Can I install multiple versions of tableau on the same computer?

Additional Information For more information about installing Tableau Desktop, see Download and Install Tableau Desktop. If you are using your Tableau Desktop license on two computers, both can remain activated simultaneously. You can install multiple major versions of Tableau Desktop on the same computer.

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