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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate intangible tax?

Since these costs are included in the new loan, intangible tax will need to be collected on the total amount when you close your loan. Divide the correct loan amount by $1,000. Example: If the loan amount is $100,500, dividing by $1,000 will give you $100.50. This represents the number of thousands you are paying intangible tax on.

What is fl intangible tax?

Florida's intangible personal property tax was an annual tax on the market value of intangible property, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares, owned by Florida residents and businesses.

What is an intangible tax?

intangible tax. A tax imposed by some states or local governments on the value of intangible assets such as stocks, bonds, money market funds, and bank account balances.

What is an intangible property tax?

The second, usually referred as “intangible tax,” is a nonrecurring tax on intangible personal property levied on obligations for payment of money which are secured by mortgage or other liens upon real property located in the state of Florida.

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